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Rusti Knight
4 July
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Rusti Knight is the daughter of the Knight Industries Two Thousand. She spent a rough childhood with an abusive adoptive father, then went on to become a Navy SEAL and a horse trainer later. She joined TKR when her adoptive father leveled her house and small horse farm. She is very close to Attack Beast, and is not usually open to new friendships, though she does make a few.
Strengths: She has the strength and stamina of a machine, courtesy of the genes from her father, Kitt. She also has the training of a Navy SEAL, and is a decent leader
Weaknesses: She can be cold and distant and sometimes uncaring.
Special Skills: Weapons handling, SEAL training
Weapons: .45 Colt and her hands
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings

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I am an author created character for the Team Knight Rider universe. TKR and all associated with it are copyright to Universal Studios. No profit is being made from its use.